use of Betnesol mouthwash

Betnesol® Mouthwash has been used for many years to help control oral soreness - it is not a cure for these conditions;

      Betnesol® is the tradename for betamethasone sodium phosphate, which is a steroid!;

      Each Betnesol® tablet includes 500 micrograms of betamethasone sodium phosphate;

      To make the mouthwash:
          -Dissolve, one Betnesol® tablet in 10mls of warm water.

•    To use the mouthwash:
          - rinse the mouthwash especially over the sore parts, for 3-4 minutes
          -  then spit the mouthwash out and do not swallow it:

      Avoid eating or drinking up to one hour after using the mouthwash;

      You can use Betnesol® mouthwash between 3-4 times a day:
         - When the mouth is most sore, use it four times a day;
         - As the soreness settles, gradually reduce the number of times per day;

      If the soreness goes completely, stop using Betnesol® mouthwash;

      There are few side effects associated with Betnesol® mouthwash and it is generally a well-tolerated treatment.

      As with all medicines, you should read the information-leaflet issued with Betnesol® carefully before starting it:
         - However, remember that you are using Betnesol® as a mouthwash rather than swallowing it (which can be associated with significant side effects)