oral candidiasis

It is a fungal infection of the mouth caused by a bug called candida albicans. It is a normal oral commensal in 50% of the population

Predisposing factors:


  • dry mouth from drugs or radiotherapy
  • antibiotics
  • steroids eg asthma inhalers
  • smoking
  • dentures


  • diabetes especially poorly controlled
  • old age and babies
  • nutritional deficiencies eg: folic acid, viatmine B12, iron
  • immune suppressing medications eg: steroids, chemotherapy medications
  • immune deficiencies eg: HIV, hereditary


  • It is VITAL to consider above mentioned reasons and correct them
  • rinse and gargle after the use of oral steroid inhalers
  • simple yoghurt rinses which carries the alkaline medium to discourage the growth of the fungal organisms
  • topical antifungals eg: nystatin suspensions/ pastilles or amphptericin lozanges
  • micanazole gel can be applied to the fitting surface of the denture, keep the denture out at night and soak the dentures in milton`s solution
  • oral antifungal medications eg: flucanazole for resistant cases