management of dry mouth

10 steps towards managing a dry mouth

• Sip on water and other non-sugary fluids throughout the day. Rinse

with water after meals. Keep water at your bedside.

• Replace missing saliva with salivary substitutes ( e.g. Artificial Saliva,

Glandosane, Luborant, Biotene Oralbalance, AS Saliva Orthana, Salivace, Saiiveze). Alcohol-free mouthrinses (BioXrra and Biotene), or moisturising gels ( Oralbalance, BioXtra) may help

• Stimulate saliva with

• sugar-free chewing gums ( e.g. EnDeKay. Orbit, Biotene dry mouth

gum or BioXtra chewing gum) or

• diabetic sweets or

• Salivix if advised or

• drugs that stimulate salivation (Salagen) if advised by the Specialist.

• Always take water or non-alcoholic drinks with meals and avoid

spicy, dry or hard crunchy foods such as biscuits, or dunk in liquids. Take small bites and eat slowly. Eat soft creamy foods (casseroles, soups), or cool foods with a high liquid content - melon, grapes, or ice cream. Moisten foods with gravies, sauces, extra oil, margarine, salad dressings, sour cream, Mayonnaise or yogurt. Pineapple has an enzyme that helps clean the mouth,

• Avoid anything that may worsen dryness, such as;

• drugs, unless they are essential (e.g. antidepressants)

• alcohol (including in mouthwashes)

• smoking

• caffeine (coffee, some soft drinks)

• mouth breathing.

• Protect against dental caries by avoiding sugary foods/drinks and by

• reducing sugar intake (avoid snacking and eating last thing at night)

• avoiding sticky foods such as toffee

• keeping your mouth very clean (twice daily tooth brushing and


• using a fluoride toothpaste