taste disturbance

TASTE DISTURBANCE ; 10 steps towards control

• Treat any identifiable cause (this may need antimicrobials)

• Avoid foods such as onions, garlic, spices and durian

• Avoid habits such as;

• alcohol

• tobacco

• Take regular meals

• Eat a good breakfast including fresh fruit regularly: an enzyme in

pineapple helps

• Brush your teeth after eating

• Keep oral hygiene regular and good




• Brush your tongue before going to bed: use a tongue scraper if that


• Keep your mouth as moist as possible by using

• sugar-free chewing gums (e.g. Orbit, EnDeKay)

• diabetic sweets

• If you have dentures, leave them out at night and in hypochlorite (e.g. Dentura!) or chlorhexidine.