Dosage Schedule for CARBAMAZEPINE ( tegretol)- for trigeminal neuralgia

  • You do not need to go up the full scale and you can do the changes more slowly.
  • The amount of drug you need is related to your body weight and age so you may
  • start at a different point in the scale.
  • Stop at the point at which you get good control of pain and few side effects.
  • You should take it 30-60 minutes before eating or engaging in an activity that will
  • involve touching your face so that you have improved pain control.
  • After three to four weeks you may need a further adjustment as your liver gets
  • used to handling the drug.
  • When stopping the drug you need to go down in the same way

Carbamazepine retard

You may also be given a retard form of this drug which is a special form which releases the drug more slowly than the usual form. This is especially good to use at night as it ensures that you have a good level of drug in your blood throughout the night. Sometimes it is also prescribed for use during the day to cut down on the number of times you need to take your drugs especially if your pain has stabilised.